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The Knowledge Blueprint

Apr 22, 2011 by     9 Comments    Posted under: Assorted Audios, Audios

Assalamu Alykum,

Direction is one of the most crucial things a student of knowledge must have. When I arrived in Saudi Arabia about 5 years ago for my journey of seeking knowledge, I was clueless! I had no idea what I should start with, where to stop, or if there even was a stop. All I knew was that Talabal-ilm is a righteous deed :). I thought you just read, read, read, & read some more, until one day you just become an Aalim.

This isn’t just a problem that occurred in my own life; rather it is a recurring issue in the lives of most students. “The Knowledge Blueprint” is a lecture which I formulated over my course of education through constant interactions with several of the Ulema about this subject. I have had the opportunity to deliver this lecture several times in my life, to both individuals and groups. It was recorded two years ago, but I misplaced that recording, only for it be refined further and presented to you in a more recent recording (in March, 2011).

I ask Allah to forgive the mistakes within it, and reward me + those who benefit from it! Ameen!

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  • asalmu alaykum the clip wont play akhi

  • Wsalam,

    It seems to working fine for me. Maybe you should try clicking share and download it.


  • As Salaamu alaykum,

    You mentioned that the text of ‘Aqeedah at-tahawiya was enough and the most beautiful of texts, however you did not mention an explanation, why? I would like to know which explanation is good to read because there are a few lines in his text that I would prefer to understand from the point of view of a scholar.

    For example he says:

    “Wa al-imaanu: Huwa al-iqraaro bel-lisaani,wa at-tasdeeqo be-ljinaani”


    “Wal-imaanu waahidoon,wa ahlihi fihi sawaau”

    So with that being said, wouldn’t it be possible for a student of knowledge or anyone for that matter to read this and then come to his own conclusions concerning such a delicate matter of Imaan?

    Not only those two things but more I’m sure can easily be misunderstood by many students if they do not have an explanation of the text itself.

    If you say that we shouldn’t be reading explanations of books without a Sheikh to begin with, I agree…. But then what is the point of the entire lecture you give, if you fail to mention a sharh for this subject only?

    Thank you….

  • Wsalam,

    I appologize brother. Your concern is absolutely legitimate, I did fail to do that in the lecture. The truth is no speech can be free of faults except the speech of Allah.

    However, I do recall mentioning an explanation some place else in the lecture as a tangent; that being the explanation of ibn Abi Al-‘Izz. That is the explanation which a lot of the scholars recommend. Someone offered to draw a flowchart out of the lecture. As soon as they do, I will edit it and include all the rest of the good explanations.

    I hope that resolves your concern.

  • Assalam alaikum. The file has a problem, it says “File not found”. The file being referenced is http://www.salikpages.com/audio/knowledgeblueprint.mp3 and it looks like that entire domain is no longer functional.

  • Nope. it says site hacked by #Bangladeshi HackeR


  • http://www.wahabsaleem.com/p/audio-assorted-lectures.html

    The link on this page is working.. I just tried it 🙂

  • Jazakallahu khayran shaykh. is possible to get the flowchart?

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