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Sheikh Nasir al-Sa’di reads Dale Carnegie

Jan 20, 2014 by     4 Comments    Posted under: Articles, Miscellenous

I was reading a self-help book a couple years ago and a group of brothers looked at me in the following manner: “All success has been outlined in the Quran & Sunnah so why do you read this?” And I looked back at them in the following manner, “If you feel so insecure about your religion that you avoid exploring how people think then that’s up you…Not everyone does & I for one don’t!” How_to_Stop_Worrying_and_Start_Living

Today I came across a story of Sh. Nasir As-Sa’di (teacher of Sh. Ibn Uthaimeen) in which he traveled for treatment to Lebanon and was gifted the following book by Dale Carnegie “How to Stop Worrying & Start Living?” He could have said, “I am a Muslim, I don’t have any anxiety/worries!” or “This stuff is for the ‘Kuuufaar’ and we are the ‘Muuuuminoon’…” But he didn’t. Rather, he studied the book, recommended it to several of his students, and wrote his book entitled, ‘Useful Methods for a Happy life’ based on Dale Carnegie’s work. His student and my teacher, Sh. Abdullah Ibn Aqeel said, “I borrowed Dale Carnegie’s work and read it, and then ordered a copy from Makkah which Sh. Abdullah Al-Bassaam brought for me and then read it several times and found within it amazing facts!”

Lesson: We should benefit from all people, and give due respect wherever it maybe deserved, Muslim or Non-Muslim. And never be afraid of benefiting from the “Other.” Whoever that “other” maybe for you…

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  • Jazakumullahu Khairan. That’s comforting to hear as I always felt uneasiness in reading secular self-help books

  • JazakAllahu khairun! Good article, mashaAllah. This attitude of not being objective in our evaluation of ideas and material produced by non-Muslims is very handicapping.

  • typo for got to input who was talking to “Omar ibn al kattab radalahuanu was admonished and asked by The messenger of Allah slws”

  • As salamu alaikum

    Subhan Allah – I bought the same book in Riyadh

    May Allah bless you with beneficial knowledge

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