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“O Muslims, The Shaykh Has Drowned!”

Mar 3, 2011 by     5 Comments    Posted under: Articles, Seerah / History

Al-Imam As-Sam’ani said: I heard Abu Bakr As-Samarqandi narrate the following story:

(As I was spending the night at one of the gardens owned by Al-Imam Abu Ali Al-Laamishi, I noticed that Al-Laamishi decided to leave the garden at midnight. So I followed him to see what he was up to. As I followed him, lurking in the darkness, he stopped at the edge of a deep river. Therein he changed his clothes and dived into the water in which he remained below surface for a large portion of time. Presuming the Shaykh had drowned, I began to shout for help. “O Muslims, the Shaykh has drowned!” I wailed.

I waited in sorrow and suddenly the surface of the water began to ripple. Moments after, Al-Laamishi appeared at the surface and said, “O my dear child, don’t be afraid.” I replied seeking to be excused, “O my master, I was afraid you had drowned!” Al-Laamishi explained, “I didn’t drown, rather I wished to prostrate on the riverbed because I felt that this must be a place in which no one has ever prostrated to Allah before!”) [Al-Jawahir Al-Mudiyyah Fi Tabaqat Al-Hanafiyyah]

Abdul Wahab Saleem
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

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  • Assalamua Alaikum Warahamtullah,
    This is a beautiful story mashallah! Its amazing how the salaf used to think of such great ways to do acts of good deeds!

    May Allah reward you for sharing this wonderful narration; Jazakallahu Khair

    Wa’alaikumusalam Warahmatullah

  • Yeah, it sure is a beautiful story. Keep an eye out for more!

  • SubhanAllah this is infact intense. And tells us how our competition thinks.
    Keep it coming my man. May Allah bless us

  • It sure does! May Allah bless you as well Mohib. If you like stories, your welcome to spread them on 🙂

  • He didn’t even need a scuba diving suit! Mashallah!

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