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Clarification About “The 27th, Odd Night, Friday and Laylatul-Qadr Combination”

Jul 26, 2014 by     No Comments    Posted under: Articles, Fiqh, Miscellenous

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

I received a number of questions about the viral message circulating all across the internet sharing the fact that Abu al-Muzaffar ibn Hubairah suggested that if the 27th night coincides with an odd night which happens to be the last Friday of the month then the chances of the night of power are more. Firstly, ibn Hubairah did not make this claim! Ibn Hubairah said, “If a Friday happens to be an odd night during the ten nights, it is more likely than other nights [to be the night of power].” Prior to this statement ibn Hubairah was sharing a personal anecdote about how he felt the night of power on a 27th night which happened be a Friday as well. It seems that the author of the circulating message was confused between the two statements. Ibn Hubairah did not make any reference at all to the last Friday. Moreover, Ibn Rajab commented on this in the very next line saying: “Know that none of these signs grant surety of the night of power.”

This particular sign is not among the ones mentioned by the Prophet -SAWS-. It is likely a suggestion based on mere personal experience and should be treated as such. Most of the established signs of the night of power are signs particular for the year in which the Prophet -SAWS- had shared that sign. Other signs that are general, such as the calmness & brightness of the night, are hard to use because of the subjective nature of such signs. Ray less sun

The one sign which almost confirms the night of power is the ray-less sunrise. However, this sign occurs after the night has already passed. The reason for the subjective nature of all other signs is so that we strive hard in search for the night of power! The ray-less sunrise is to comfort the hearts in the morning of the fact that the worship actually occurred on the night we were in search for. Had Allah made a definite sign during the night, people wouldn’t worship the entire set of ten days as they would be able to assure themselves the night of power anyways.

Lastly, odd nights are extremely subjective! How so? For some people in the world it maybe an odd night whilst for you it may be an even night. Secondly and more importantly, there are two ways of counting the odd nights. Some scholars count the odd nights from the end of the month and this is similar to the manner in which the Prophet -SAWS- himself had counted. Others count the odd nights from the beginning of the month. Moreover, there is a difference of opinion about whether we should consider the month a complete month (30 days) when counting the odd nights from the end of the month or an incomplete month (29 days). All these issues surrounding the term “odd night” make it very difficult to even know what is meant by an odd night.

In conclusion, the circulating message has two major mistakes. Ibn Hubairah did not link his theory to the 27th night, nor did he make any suggestions related to the last Friday of the month. He simply said that there are more chances of the night of power being on an odd night that happens to be a Friday. As explained earlier, this leads to the predicament of deciding on how to calculate an odd night. Considering all of the conflicting evidences on the subject, many scholars adhere to the idea of not having any solid information about which night is the night of power with the exception of the fact that it is within the ten nights.

Whichever night it may be, may Allah accept our worship and grant us Jannah! An early `id Mubarak to all of you .

Allahu A`lam!

Abdul Wahab Saleem
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The Original Viral Message

Imam Ibn Rajab reports from Ibn Habira that:
When it is the 27th Night of #Ramadan
it coincides with the Night of Friday (laylatul Jumaa)
it corresponds to an ODD night in Ramadan
it is the LAST FRIDAY of Ramadan, the likelihood it is Lailatul Qadr is GREAT.
This combination has not happened for over 35 years.

Take advantage tonight of the #NightofPower & do a bit more than usual. PERHAPS it is THE blessed night.

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